Contest Winners- Heather and Russ- a couples portrait

One of the winners of the Railroad Park free photo shoot contest was really on top of things and got her shoot scheduled right away!  It was a warm, sunny, fall day at the park when I headed out with Heather and Russ.  They are in our Sunday School class and we’d gotten to know each other just enough to talk incessantly on the day of the shoot.  Seriously, it’s a wonder we got any photos with as much chatting as Heather and I were doing.  Poor Russ joined with us at the beginning, but seemed to have given up by the end.

These two met 6.5 years ago and married 5 months later.  Sometimes you just know!  So, 6 years into married life they had already decided it was time for a couples shoot.  Fortune smiled on them when they won a contest for just that!  We walked around the park, got some gorgeous images (just wait til you see what a model she is) and then headed back to my house for dinner.  Heather and Russ played with my (wild) children (child,)  oooohed and aaaahed over my food and then offered to babysit.  I’m pretty sure I’m keeping these two around for more than just photography subjects!

This adorable two-year-old was headed our way when I snapped this one.  They are loving her, but holding their pose like such commendable models 🙂


  1. Lindsey:

    Love these!!! What a beautiful couple and beautiful park! Also, I realize this isn’t a “fashion blog” but where did she get that cute shirt!? 🙂 Nice job Hillary!

  2. Kelly Cummings:

    looove the 2nd to last one and the ones on the bridge. Awesome!

  3. ginger tatum:

    hi hillary. i’m danielle mullins mom. i wanted to tell you how beautiful the engagement pictures are. looking forward to the wedding. i’m going to have to call and make an appointment to get my grand daughter. sweet lainie hope’s picture made. she’s the joy of my life. almost 2 and cute as a bug. we call her lainie bug. but you did a great job on danielle’s and jonathan’s pictures. i can’t believe my little girl is getting married


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