Amanda & Will- Wedding Photos

Amanda and Will were married Saturday after a seven year-long relationship.  I asked Amanda about the 7 years and she said they talked about a wedding 4 years ago.  It ended in a huge fight because of a miscommunication (don’t they all?!)  Right then and there Amanda vowed not to bring it up again because the bottom line was, she wanted to be with Will.  She stayed true to her word and married Will Cash 3 years later.

When I arrived at the Doubletree Hotel, Brittany from my favorite Salon U was getting Amanda fabulous.  And my dear friend Makenzie from Top to Bottom Events was buzzing about getting all the details perfect.

To calm her stress (about the details of the day, not about marrying her best friend) Amanda engaged in a little yoga.  I hope I don’t embarrass her, but Amanda’s figure is unreal.  People pay money to look like this bride.  It had been raining for a bit, so we did Amanda and Will’s big moment on the spiral staircase inside the hotel.  I think Will’s face is the best reaction I’ve seen from a groom.  Priceless!It seemed like it took forever to get everyone together for the group pictures, so Amanda had a little rest and a drink.  See?  The yoga worked!  Cool as a cucumber.  And then the party began!  Will played with the band for Amanda’s daddy-daughter dance, see him back there?This next series is my favorite.  Amanda and her friends LOVE “Fancy” By Reba McEntire.  They sang and danced right along with the band.Will got busy chatting when we were ready for the garter toss.  Amanda gave him a stern look for making her wait…but she forgave.Mr. & Mrs. Cash departed to cries of “War Eagle” as guests shook shakers along their path.


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