Baby Cooper

My how time does fly!  Remember when Cooper was only 4 days old?  Now he’s 6 months.  And even more adorable.  Cooper’s parents are some of my best friends, so I love taking their pictures because it means I’m spending time with them.  And I love spending time with them!

Cooper looks like a very different baby than his brother did.  Light hair, skin, and eyes- as opposed to Cash’s brown eyes, dark hair and more olive complexion.  But something about their mouths looks exactly alike to me.  Especially in this first one.And here is my little Cassius.  We’ve been in love since before he was born.  At that time I was nearly inseparable from his parents.  Sadly, Cooper and I haven’t gotten nearly as well acquainted.  I’m sure we will though, when he marries my daughter!  Cash was not looking forward to these pictures, but when he realized that I wasn’t using a flash his whole attitude changed!  He started posing like a supermodel.  Seriously, these poses were hysterical.  These are two of the more sedate ones.  He really wanted me to photograph him doing a cannonball.  Such a cute and sweet family!  It’s quite an honor to introduce you.


  1. Jeri Jones:

    Gorgeous! They are such sweet fun little guys and so easy to love!

  2. Deborah Stegall:

    They are so handsome! and their mouths are the same, though they are different in every other way. Fabulous pictures.


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