Beautiful Bridals

I’ve exhibited such commendable will power to keep these bridal portraits to myself for the last several weeks.

Jessica married Ryan on Saturday, and no one besides her mom, maid of honor, mother-in-law and I saw the dress before the big day. This includes her father! And bridesmaids! So, I would have been in really big trouble if I had ruined the suspense. Take a look and you’ll see why…

There were pheasant and quail wandering around 10 feet from me as we did this one!
Let me know which you prefer- black and white or color:

Isn’t she beautiful?? We did these at Five Star Plantation in Kellyton, AL, where the reception was held this past Saturday. I was like a kid at Christmas! A lake, pier, old grist mill, fields? What more could I ask for? And look and what a model she is. I would say, “don’t smile” and she would close her eyes, take a breath, open them, and have this total glamourpuss expression. LOVED every minute.

Congratulations Jessica and Ryan! I can’t wait to show everyone your beautiful wedding!


  1. suunflowerss:

    I prefer the color…..the surroundings compliment her coloring. Make her features really pop.

  2. Mary Smith:

    LOVE. so hard to get someone to have an expression when you say don't smile. she is so beautiful and your pictures are awesome. i love the black and white, always!

  3. Lacey:

    I love them! You did great Hillary and Jessica is so pretty!

  4. Anonymous:

    These pictures of Jessica are so pretty. Can't wait to see the rest of them.

    Jan Mother


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