Kathy and Matt- Wedding Photos

Kathy and Matt were married last Saturday at Trinity United Methodist Church in Homewood.  They have been together for 5-years, and were well prepared for this day!  Kathy, a bride after my own heart, had a notebook full of checklists and phone numbers and deadlines.  It all paid off, because if I could describe their wedding in word it would be… beautiful.  It was well thought out, well put together and just beautiful. Matt and I have known each other since elementary school and it was such a blast to see him and all the friends I knew celebrate with him.  Kathy and I didn’t meet until we started discussing the wedding, but we talked so much that I knew we would do well together on the big day.

The rings were exquisite and Kathy picked out jewelry for the bridesmaids that perfectly complimented the details on her gorgeous dress.  As a gift, she gave them rolled up flat shoes, inside a matching bag to use for the reception!  Matt got long jackets on the SEVENTEEN groomsmen with a promise that they wouldn’t have to button them much, if at all.  The wedding party was transported around by a trolley all day.  The reception was at Rosewood Hall in Soho Square, but was transformed.  Fabric and lights draped the walls, Kathy Miller’s flowers were perfection and the cakes?  Divine.  The band started out nicely, but built to the perfect level of excitement and got most people on the dance floor by the end of the night.  And after the couple left in an antique car, the band played Dixie to wrap it all up.  If Matt and Kathy’s marriage is as beautiful as their wedding, we should all be jealous!

Trinity is located right on the busy Oxmoor Road, so Kathy was getting all kinds of honks and hollers as we shot her bridal portraits.Kathy asked 3 special gentlemen to be bridal attendants on her big day.  They were so helpful and available, I may hire them permanently.  And how pretty is this bridal party?Both Kathy and Matt and co got ready at Aloft Hotel in HomewoodDid I mention there were 17 of these handsome devils?In order to enjoy every moment of their reception, Kathy and Matt chose to see each other before the ceremony.  I love how nerves heighten just before this moment and then just melt away so they can enjoy the day.Around the time of their portraits, Kathy discovered a little friend hanging out in her bouquet.  Much thanks to my hand 2nd shooter, Emily Joy, for not only shooting awesome pictures, but also grabbing this little fella while I freaked out a little.Kathy has a particularly large family and we shot more formal family pictures than I ever have.  Her feet were getting rather tired so she and that huge dress just plopped right down on the sanctuary steps between shots.Kathy loves her Daddy and she got a little emotional during their dance at the reception.And I just adore the big, dimpled smile Matt flashes while dancing with his mom.  Not to mention that he’s a great dancer!This series just makes me grin.  The lead singer of the band came down to the dance floor to get the crowd going.  Look at the progression of their expressions… I’d say mission accomplished!I hear that the Gauldens had a splendid time in Jamaica.  All around- success!!


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