Lindsay & Ben

I apologize in advance that I am about to totally geek out about this wedding.  Of course there were many beautiful details and the day and weather and the reception was a blast and everything went perfectly.  But the relationships, particularly the groom with his bride, just got me.  I even looked at Lauren, who was second shooting with me, and said “Am I acting crazy or is he particularly amazing toward her?”

Lindsay and Ben have been dating for a lot of years.  They knew they would be together eventually, but were pursuing higher degrees and living in separate cities for a while.  So, when I asked Ben if he was nervous before the first look, his response was, “No, I feel like I’m about to start my life the way it’s supposed to be.” He is a wedding videographer (Haint Blue Productions) and we’ve worked together a few times, so it was a particular honor that he would have me at his own wedding.

I’ve known Lindsay a little for many years and it was really fun to see this level-headed girl grin from ear to ear all day.  We started the day with the bridesmaids at Salon U, my favorite! Then it was off to Trinity United Methodist and The Wine Loft for all the festivities.  Thanks for including me in this most moving and fun wedding, you two!Birmingham-Wedding-004 Birmingham-Wedding-005 Birmingham Wedding006 Birmingham Wedding007 Birmingham-Wedding-006 Birmingham Wedding010 Birmingham-Wedding-007 Birmingham-Wedding-008 Birmingham Wedding016 Birmingham Wedding017 Birmingham Wedding018 Birmingham Wedding019 Birmingham-Wedding-009 Birmingham Wedding022 Birmingham Wedding023 Birmingham-Wedding-010 Birmingham-Wedding-11 Birmingham Wedding028 Birmingham Wedding029 Birmingham-Wedding-12 Birmingham Wedding032 Birmingham Wedding034 Birmingham-Wedding-13 Birmingham Wedding036 Birmingham-Wedding-14 Birmingham Wedding039 Birmingham-Wedding-15 Birmingham Wedding047 Birmingham Wedding042 Birmingham Wedding043 Birmingham Wedding044 Birmingham-Wedding-16 Birmingham Wedding048


  1. Barbara Gamble:

    Beautiful wedding. Love the attendants’ dresses and the bridal gown. Photos are great, as usual.

  2. hagen:



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