Mandy and Scott- Wedding Sneak!

I photographed the sweetest wedding yesterday.  Mandy put more thought into this day than any other bride I know.  Not just thought, though.  Work.  She did so very much of it herself.  I’m getting ahead of myself.  This post is just a sneak peak into their day yesterday.

I love the gentle and sweet spirit that Mandy has, and the way Scott leads her with love.  I’ll talk about that more later to.  For now…

This was the first time they saw each other.  It’s so special to get to witness this moment and these two had much silent excitement, yet peace.I left them to have a few minutes together before we set out to do their portraits together.  When I came back, this is how I found them.  Praying and snuggling.

And I don’t need to explain this one. 


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