My Baby Adelaide

One year ago today, my sweet baby Adelaide was born.  I looked back at the photos from the day she was born and couldn’t resist sharing some.  Even in the hospital, the nurses would bring her to me and say, “She’s so sweet.”  And she really is.  While she’s getting louder and forming definite opinions, there is still a gentleness about her.  And then we move to present day.  These were pictures I just snapped as I taught a kids photography class on her birthday (my children were the subjects!) I’ll do a more thorough 1-year session soon.  This adorable outfit was made by my mother and placed on my front porch by 7 am for Adelaide’s birthday.  This is code for, “I’m all done.  Pick me up.”


  1. Brooke M:

    Where did you get that precious outfit she’s wearing in her b’day pics???? So cute!

  2. Betty:

    Happy Birthday sweet Adelaide! Those pictures are adorable, where did you get her 1-year outfit?

  3. Tracy:

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful baby girl! Your photos are always fantastic!

  4. Elizabeth:

    What a sweet and precious baby!!!

  5. mary beth:

    happy birthday little bit!!

  6. hagen:

    i LOVE that lil lady! and i LOVE these pictures!


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