My Friend’s Family Portrait

Most people would love to relive the glory days of college.  I enjoyed college, but my glory days were high school.  I loved it.  And in nearly every memory of those wonderful days was my friend Mary.  We were 2 of only a handful of girls that weren’t on the “dance team” so we spent many many football games and after school dinners together while the others were busy in their sequins.  We were in each others’ weddings and called each other from across country when we were pregnant.  Fast forward… this month is her 10-year wedding anniversary.  As she thought through gifts to give Brian, she came up with the idea of family portraits.  At this 10-year milestone, what better way to celebrate than to capture all the blessings of these glory days.

Mary and I aren’t in touch as much as we would like.  But whenever we talk or see each other, it’s like we never missed a beat.  Looking through these images during post-production, I was laughing out loud all alone.  And then I teared up, too.  I feel like we JUST stepped off the show choir bus in Chicago or danced at prom.  I can’t believe we now have husbands, jobs, families, and homes in different states.  I love this girl, y’all.  And I hope you can see just a little bit of her captivating personality and her full-of-life family in this portrait session.


  1. Amanda:

    these are great. Mary hasn’t changed and her kids are beautiful

  2. Ooba:

    I LOVE Mary Gaines!! These pictures are so pretty and capture her sweetness and beauty!

  3. Kelly Dorough:

    Love love love these pictures! They are all great shots- beautiful kids- sweet family! Love Mary Gaines!

  4. Erin:

    Ok, first, love these shots, and the Brocatos (b/c Brian is pretty cool too 🙂

    Second, totally jealous of all the downtown sites – the red door of 1st Pres (see it daily when I drop Reid off at school!), RR Park … awesome!

  5. mary:

    Hill, you forgot about the fact that we wore sequins often! erin, this door is at the church that we got married in: FUMC on 6th ave north! Miss you girls-


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