Non-New Year’s Resolution Goal #2

Last week I told you about a goal of mine to post a photograph a week of what I’m grateful for.  There is a greater goal in this that just being grateful… to obtain the fullest joy possible through realizing how good God is and therefore be able to live fully in the moment.  Today, I felt, just for a short time, that I lived in the moment.  Here are the images.

I’m grateful…

3. That I got a few moments alone while she played.

4. that my mom loves to make her adorable clothes.

5. for my mom

6. for her strawberry blonde hair

7. that it’s ketchup ever on her face, not lipstick

8. that she’s terribly ticklish

9. how her mouth looks at the corners

10.  for her imagination

11. for her ability to incorporate her princesses into any game

12.  that I’m home to be a part of them12.  for her intensity and focus

13.  that I’m her mother

One Comment

  1. Mary Beth:

    So sweet! In that ketchup faced picture for an instant I was reminded of Grace when she was younger!! It hit me like a flash – crazy! I mean… it makes sense. 🙂


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