Sarah & Sean

On a very hot day at Aldridge Gardens I got to see two of the sweetest people begin their lives together.  They surprised me with their unbridled affection at their engagement session a few months earlier, so I was really excited about this day with them!  And it didn’t disappoint.  Super tall Sean treats Sarah with the type of love little girls dream about.  And tiny, beautiful Sarah looks at him with all the devotion and respect those same little girls are certain they will feel.  The details were simple and beautiful with lots of thought… a particular favorite was the party favor.  One of their favorite dates was a “blind date with a book” so they recreated that for their guests.  Sarah and Sean wrapped each book and wrote a teaser on the binding so people could choose one to enjoy later.  It’s little things like that which make a wedding so memorable- the personal touch.

I have it on good authority that Sarah and Sean’s life together is going just as well as this perfect wedding day.  Enjoy! Aldridge-gardens-wedding002 Aldridge Gardens Wedding005 Aldridge-gardens-wedding003 Aldridge Gardens Wedding008 Aldridge Gardens Wedding009 Aldridge Gardens Wedding Aldridge-gardens-wedding007 Aldridge Gardens Wedding012 Aldridge Gardens Wedding013 Aldridge Gardens Wedding014 Aldridge-gardens-wedding012 Aldridge Gardens Wedding019 Aldridge-gardens-wedding013 Aldridge-gardens-wedding015 Aldridge-gardens-wedding016 Aldridge Gardens Wedding025 Aldridge Gardens Wedding024 Aldridge-gardens-wedding019 Aldridge Gardens Wedding028 Aldridge-gardens-wedding021 Aldridge Gardens Wedding031 Aldridge-gardens-wedding022 Aldridge-gardens-wedding023 Aldridge Gardens Wedding035


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