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I know it’s better to give than to receive, but it’s so much fun to receive that we don’t often agree with that statement.  Right?  I am ridiculously excited about the gift I am about to give.  I do occasionally get really excited about giving.  I surprised my husband with an iPad this year for Christmas, and that was really exciting!  We give my mom an angel ornament annually, that I was THRILLED about the first year.  And here I go again.  Only this time I get to give it again and again!  I’ve been wanting to find a gift to give my brides for a while.  I wanted it to be creative and different, but also personalized.  One photographer friend gives t-shirts, which are really cute and also good advertising.  Another friend gives super cool personalized hangers, that also help her pictures of the dress look awesome!  What could I give?  I looked on etsy.  Started with a search for just weddings or wedding items/details, etc.  Then I decided something to do with these gorgeous rings we spend so much time staring at would be a good idea.  And then I found these treasure dishes.

Moonlitehare is the name of the shop and the artist, Debra, just does beautiful work.  I thought these were so different and special and since I would have loved to receive one, I decided maybe my brides would too.  I love the etching on the sides and the colors she chose for all the different details.  BUT, as beautiful as they are, they didn’t meet my other goal of personalizing a gift for each bride.  Anyone can go get a little jewelry box or ring holder.  So I began a little chat with Debra and here is what we came up with!  She was so wonderful to work with.  Please go look at her shop and see what she can do for you.And lest anyone forget who their crazy and fun wedding photographer was…Each treasure dish (don’t you love that name) comes wrapped and ready.  I knew that.  But Debra surprised me with my logo all over the wrapping!  It send me straight from a happy customer to a raving one!Here’s one last glimpse.  And if you’re one of my 2011 brides- get excited!  Yours is on the way!


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    AHHHH that is sooo cool!!!

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