The Story of a Flower Girl

In July, my 2.5 year old daughter was in the Brauer-Brower wedding as the flower girl.  It was kind of frantic considering that she was two and a half AND our newer daughter was 2 weeks old.  (This event was part of the reason I had a scheduled delivery!)  Would she walk down the aisle?  Will the baby cry in the middle of the wedding?  Will we melt in the July heat?  These were all questions running through my mind.  Of course, like most things I worry about with this child, she was smooth as butter.  The bride and groom were as laid back as they come and wouldn’t have been upset in the least if any of my worries DID come true.  Sweet bride Jana included Pierce as though she was a grown up bridesmaid and Pierce loved every minute of being with Jana as a “wedding girl.”

We began the weekend with manis and pedis.  You can see that Pierce chose a lovely blue.  Don’t fret, the shoes were closed toe!

Next was the Bridesmaids’ Luncheon at The Club.  Pierce might want to be a professional flower girl after this event. 

This is her excited face.  All she wanted in the world was to eat this cake.  It was a beautiful charm cake and all the bridesmaids encircled the cake to see what their charm predicted for their future.  Sadly, only the ribbons came out and the charms did not!The rehearsal came and everyone performed wonderfully.  At LAST!  The big day!This reception at Inverness Country Club was the best I’ve been to.  They had all these unbelievable, yet tasteful flowers, signature cocktails, tons of food spread out all over the clubhouse (no lines!), a great band.  Just gorgeous and fun. 

When Pierce spotted the dance floor, her life began.  She danced for two hours, nearly straight.  These pictures aren’t awesome quality since I was there as a mom, rather than photographer, but you get the gist. 

She conked out before we got back to 280 and stayed asleep til morning.  What a blast!


  1. Jana:

    You are a fantastic photographer and friend! And I loved every minute with Pierce as my flower girl. She was beautiful and the life of the party! Thanks for letting her join in with the fun! We love the Gambles!

  2. Grace:

    pierce is such a party girl…i’m afraid peter is gonna have to invest in a shot gun for all the boys that are gonna come to yalls door. i LOVE the last shot of her by herself in her flower “halo” when she is leaning on some table. she looks like the littlest angel 🙂 which is of course a future aunt grace in the making seeing as daddy gave ME that book!!!


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