The Tarrers- family portraits

My friends the Tarrers wanted a family photo.  Partially just to have, and partially because next year they’re headed to the mission field and needed a picture for their missions agency (I am clearly not familiar with missionary jargon, but you get the point.)  They are such a sweet, loving, large family so it was a pleasure.  Being one of four children myself, it was fun to observe this family compared to my own experience.  Seth is a brilliant but humble guy with a doctorate in Old Testament History (Seth please correct me if this isn’t exactly right) and Mary is the most gentle, sweet mom.  She’s homeschooling her oldest and working as a speech therapist and NOW preparing to move a family of 6 to Argentina. The day before these pictures, I was sweating in a tank top.  This day however, the poor Tarrers were shivering! I told the boys to look for some Beyblade character named Jenga (I have no idea what any of that means) in my camera.  Aren’t they beautiful boys??I’m awfully glad Seth is pursuing his heart’s desire to teach in Argentina, but I will miss these pretty faces!

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  1. Anita Kay:

    Love it! Great job, Hillary. The top one is perfect!


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