Weddings Unscripted

This week I saw a tweet about a contest.  I think my chances of winning are slim, but I was inspired by the idea.  Here is the contest:

“If you’re a photographer I want you to blog an entire wedding with no portraits, no details and no staged or directed shots. I don’t care if you’ve already blogged the wedding. Go through and pick out the best moments and show me what you’ve got.”

The photographer holding the contest said that portraits are probably his favorite part of shooting a wedding.  I do love that- particularly bridal portraits and the couple together- but what REALLY gets me going and makes me feel like I did a wedding well is a few unscripted, emotional moments.  I LOVE getting shots of the bride looking at the groom admiringly, or the groom holding the small of her back.  Hands intertwined, newly clad with bright, shiny rings.  The mom seeing her baby in her wedding gown.  The look on Daddy’s face as he gives his daughter away.  These are my favorite parts and my favorite shots.  They are what make me feel successful.

I told my husband this week that I hope I am always as excited about the emotion and sacredness of each moment in a wedding day as I was when I first started wedding photography.  This wedding was one of my first, with Amelia Strauss, and I just LOVED the raw emotion and excitement on this day.  This seems like a detail shot, but it’s not.  Her sister is buckling her shoe- a moment.  And I love the body language.  That stance says confidence.  Sass.  This bride is confidant and happy.  And all the gals had just been telling her how hot she is.  Can’t you tell?This looks staged, but no.  They got themselves together to take a picture with one of their cameras and I swooped in just in time.   I love this moment of them seeing each other for the first time.  I hope they don’t play poker, because they do not have poker faces!How happy is she?  And look at that quiet pride on the groom’s face.  This is one of my favorite reception shots I’ve ever gotten.  If I looked at my husband that admiringly even once a day, can you imagine what it would do for our marriage?  This is one of the bride’s sisters.  The other was engaged at the time, and catching the bouquet SHOULD mean she’s next.  Everyone is so happy about it.They’re just in love.  And isn’t that what you want to remember from your wedding?

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  1. Grace:

    love these! you should win.


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