Haley & Will

Several weeks ago I got to second shoot with the very talented Jennifer of Bang Images.  I love shooting weddings.  My big personality lends itself quite well to being bossy (in a winsome way I hope) as the main shooter at weddings, but there’s something so very wonderful about second shooting.  I get to wander a bit.  To relax and look for the moments.  The moments are why I love photography.  The laughter and the tears and the unscheduled moments that you can easily miss when you’re busy bossing people and minding the agenda for the day.

So, this post is a little different than most of the ones you’ll see me write.  More details, more candids, less full-body-everyone-smiling-poses.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Haley and Will’s wedding was at Tannehill State Park after many years of togetherness!  The rustic setting and nats and sunshine and happy families and friends made it just lovely.  Their calm, kind demeanor with one another contributed to a very laid back wedding day.  Thanks for having me, Jennifer!HSG_4405_1 vert-01 HSG_4489_1 HSG_4476_1 HSG_4622_1 HSG_4443_1 vert-02 vert-04 vert-05 HSG_4684 HSG_4688 HSG_4503 HSG_4536 blog_two_vert vert-6 vert-7 vert-8 vert-9 HSG_4892 HSG_4943 vert-10 vert-11 HSG_4507 vert-12 HSG_5069 vert-13 HSG_5091 HSG_5193


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