Hayden & Brittin

What a fun weekend I had with Hayden and Brittin and all of their people.  It started with a beautiful and really fun rehearsal dinner at The Ridge at Lake Martin catered by the very talented Rob McDaniel and Springhouse.  Hayden is from Alexander City and Brittin from New Orleans, so this evening was to be the perfect blend of the two… craft beers and food from both places with friends and loved ones from all over.

The next (very hot) day, the fun continued as these two and their entourage prepared and celebrated their wedding.  They wed at Children’s Harbor Chapel, followed by the ultimate party at Kowliga Restaurant.  The dancing and laughter was indicative of just how happy everyone was to see these two together.  One bridesmaid said in her toast, “I’ve known you my whole life, and with Brittin you are the very best Hayden I’ve known.”  I have chills just writing it- what an amazing thing to know as you begin the rest of your life together!  What a privilege to be trusted to capture such an important day.   Lake Martin Wedding0001 lake-martin-wedding-01 Lake Martin Wedding0004 Lake Martin Wedding0005 lake-martin-wedding-02 Lake Martin Wedding0008 lake-martin-wedding-03 Lake Martin Wedding0011 lake-martin-wedding-04 lake-martin-wedding-05 lake-martin-wedding-06 lake-martin-wedding-07 Lake Martin Wedding0020 Lake Martin Wedding0021 Lake Martin Wedding0022 lake-martin-wedding-08 Lake Martin Wedding0025 lake-martin-wedding-09 lake-martin-wedding-10 lake-martin-wedding-11 Lake Martin Wedding0031 Lake Martin Wedding0032 Lake Martin Wedding0033 lake-martin-wedding-13 Lake Martin Wedding0036_1 Lake Martin Wedding0037lake-martin-wedding-12 Lake Martin Wedding0040 Lake Martin Wedding0041


  1. hagen:

    adorable! beautiful photos!

  2. Suzanne Rheinstein:

    Thank you, Larry and Karin for sharing these delightful images! What fun and how full of life and love it was!


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