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It is an immeasurable privilege to be trusted to capture the best moments of people's lives.  It's such a joy to capture, forever, the moments and feelings that are so fleeting.  Come along and see some of my favorites...

A collection of some of my favorite moments, families and my own life.

The journal

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A few years ago I ran across a wedding photographer out of Detroit whose work was perfect. My favorite instagram follow for sure. Niki Marie Photo. And then this fall she announced a workshop right near me in beautiful Charleston. It was chock full of learning and beauty and pampering and photo opportunities. So much […]

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Charleston Workshop

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I’m backtracking a bit at the beginning of this new year and blogging some lovely weddings that I didn’t earlier, for no reason except I fell off my blogging wagon. Lindsey and McCaleb’s wedding was a super-duper privilege to shoot. They had actually gotten married in his parent’s back yard on their planned wedding date […]

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Lindsey & McCaleb

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This wedding proves to me again that my favorite ones are weddings when the bride and groom just want to elope, but they have a beautiful day instead because their families want to celebrate and they want good pictures! Janna and John called me only a couple months before their wedding and have reminded me […]

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Janna & John