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Anna & Loren

I was finished with my weddings for the year when Anna called. I was thrilled, just to get the call. And then I talked to her. She was so gentle and unassuming and audibly excited yet peaceful about her upcoming marriage to Loren. They both had demanding jobs and finding time to schedule and plan a wedding was proving to be difficult. And what they really wanted was just to begin their life together… So they eloped. Anna says it took her family a moment to get ok with not being there, but they did. I was sooooo in. My most favorite couple is the one who, out of all the wonderful, fun details surrounding a wedding, is the most excited about marrying each other.

She found a beautiful, simple BHLDN dress, had Dorothy McDaniel do a gorgeous bouquet and asked Loren’s preacher and me to meet them at the beautiful Chapel at the Waters. Have y’all been there? Oh my. It’s such a beautiful blank slate with all you need, plus access to the truly stunning grounds surrounding.

After the intimate, emotional, extremely sweet ceremony, we wandered those grounds and then headed to Loren’s house to make sure we got a few moments at his, now their, home. It was a blissful day and I’d do it again every month if people asked me!