Rachael & Dallas

You really couldn’t have dreamed up a prettier day for a wedding… spring in full bloom, mild weather and all at the impeccable Shoal Creek .  Rachael is just as beautiful and joyful as can be.  Her dress was different than so many and elegant without taking away from her youthfulness.  I had spent time with Dallas and Rachael at their engagement session in the winter, but it had been a rough day for Dallas as he renovated his home.  He was a trooper to even do an engagement session that day!  So, when we got to the business of wedding photography on this perfect wedding day, I was delighted to see his fun-loving, extroverted, always-smiling personality compliment Rachael’s.  I predict much laughter in the lives of these two newlyweds!  I loved being there to see it begin!Shoal Creek Wedding001 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-01 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-02 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-03 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-04 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-05 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-06 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-07 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-08 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-09 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-10 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-11 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-12 Shoal Creek Wedding026 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-13 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-14 Shoal Creek Wedding031 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-15 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-16 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-17 Shoal-Creek-Wedding-18 Shoal Creek Wedding038


  1. Barbara Gamble:

    Beautiful photos, Hillary!

  2. hagen:

    what a beautiful wedding!


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